Can Acupuncture help with….

People often ask me if acupuncture can help with a certain ailment. It occurred to me that this is like asking if pharmaceuticals can help with what ails you. The answer is yes. Various pharmaceuticals are designed to treat almost any symptom. The more accurate question is to ask the doctor which drug will be most effective with the least side effects.

Similarly, Acupuncture can alleviate almost any ailment in the body, and it can do so without side effects.   Acupuncture is a complete system of medicine with various diagnosis and treatment styles.  It is different from pharmaceuticals in that it does not treat individual symptoms alone. Instead, it treats the whole person. When the whole person is stronger, he or she is more apt to achieve homeostasis and wellness.

As a practitioner of Acupuncture, I understand that your main symptom is your main focus. It’s the part of you that is speaking so loudly that you cannot ignore it and it urges you to get help. Once you come in for treatment, I take time to understand your main symptom AND everything else that you notice in your body, mind and spirit. It is all part of the full picture and it is all relevant. Together we learn to listen to your body and all of it’s symptoms. Through this listening process combined with my gently administered acupuncture treatments, you begin to notice specific and systemic changes. 

People often decide to start acupuncture treatment after they have not had success with other treatments such as pharmaceuticals or even surgery. Please do not wait this long! Why not begin your healing with acupuncture or use it in conjunction with your other treatment choices. If you are ready to start feeling better everyday, I encourage you to begin or resume your regular acupuncture treatments now.