Soaking, Sprouts & Krauts

Are you getting the most nutrients possible from your whole foods diet?

While I’m busy sprouting little humans, I’m also doing my best to feed our family healthy and nourishing food. I’ll admit that yesterday the kids were so needy that I barely made time to drink water for myself. Then I finally got a chance to tend myself and soak some rice for tonight’s dinner.

I love the practice of soaking grains, beans, seeds and nuts. Not only does it make their nutrients easier for our bodies to digest, it also give me a chance to put some loving intention into our future meals. When I rinse and soak the grains, I add some love and imagine the health and wellbeing of those who will eat and enjoy this food.

Here is a chart that i saw on the wall at Weaver’s Way Co-op that i’d like to share with you all. You can use it as a guideline for incorporating some soaking and sprouting in to your own life.

And remember, do what you can. If you can soak it but not sprout it, that’s fine. If you soak it for only 2 hours instead of 8, that’s fine. Give yourself credit for what you can and choose to do.
Another great way to add nourishing food to your life is to incorporate fermented foods into your diet. This will help your gut flora flourish. This batch of SaurKraut is simply green cabbage and onions chopped finely, sprinkled with salt, coriander seeds and caraway seeds.

It is fermented in this pickling crock (made my my husband of Wissahickon Pottery) which has a weight to keep the kraut submerged under the salt water. In this photo, my son is helping to put the finished kraut in jars to keep in the fridge for months to come as we eat a small amount with each meal. It’s awesome to get the kids involved, even if they makes a mess and even if they’re not willing to taste it just yet.

Happy eating to you all!

In Wellness,

Rachel Kriger, M.Ac, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.
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