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I have always found rituals to be helpful in my life when i am going through fun or challenging transitions … or when i’m repeating a mundane routine. My goal is to help you create rituals to add meaning and memories to your life. The rituals we create can be linked to your religious tradition if you have one, or they can be secular.

I use the five elements system of medicine, which is also the basis of my acupuncture treatments. This is a nature based system which acknowledges the cycle of seasons, the ups and downs of life, and natural movement from one phase of life to the next. Using this system to create rituals will bring you the appropriate healing and wellbeing that you are needing at this time in your life.

I consult with you to clarify your intentions and then create a meaningful ritual to achieve that intention. It could be 5 seconds or 5 minutes… or more. It could be done in public or in private, or both.

Some examples of life cycle event ritual occasions:

  • Rituals for pre- conception & pregnancy to prepare a woman’s body and her family to bring forth new life
  • Baby naming ceremony
  • First tooth/ first foods ritual
  • Weaning
  • First steps
  • entering a new school
  • Teenage rite of passage
  • first menses
  • Marriage:  the whole process leading up to and beyond the wedding itself. There are so many opportunities to embed ritual in this phase of life
  • Travel
  • Moving into a new home
  • buying a home
  • connecting with the land where you live
  • retirement or starting a new job
  • Grieving rituals: the whole process leading up to the death and beyond
  • Divorce
  • Family reunion
  • Work retreat

If you can think of any other occasions that are not listed here, please email me because i’d love to hear your ideas:

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  • K-12 at Jewish dayschool
  • Wesleyan Universtity B.A. in Religion & Sociology
  • Maryland University of Integrative Health: Masters in Acupuncture


 Wedding party ritual:
“It was magical. I wouldn’t change a single moment of our evening. Rachel, you have a gift of leading people in way that made me feel so comfortable, at ease, and connected to you and our guests. You had just the right tempo of moving through the ritual. You left me feeling loved, blessed, special, lively, and excited! “