Rachel’s Holistic Health Tips

For several nights over the span of two weeks, I experienced cramping at night. Each time I thought, “this could be it”, and each time I woke up in the morning to another day of normal full on pregnancy… no cramps, no contractions… just big and heavy pregnant. My midwife, Terri, assured me that the cramps were a good sign that my body was getting ready to bring my baby into the world. Saturday, MarchRead More
Are you getting the most nutrients possible from your whole foods diet? While I’m busy sprouting little humans, I’m also doing my best to feed our family healthy and nourishing food. I’ll admit that yesterday the kids were so needy that I barely made time to drink water for myself. Then I finally got a chance to tend myself and soak some rice for tonight’s dinner. I love the practice of soaking grains, beans, seedsRead More
Here I am a month into my maternity leave… amazed at the simultaneous fast and slowness of time… Both kiddos are asleep now so I want to take some time to reach out to you and wish you wellness! As the fullness of spring merges into summertime, I hope that some of your plans are coming to fruition, and that you are starting to find ways to have fun while manifesting your dreams and visions. And i hope you are findingRead More
Top Ten Tips for Staying Well in the Spring Written by Rachel Kriger, Pediatric & Adult Acupuncturist Derived from the wisdom of the Five Elements www.pointsofreturnacupuncture.com 10) Use your power stored up from winter to declare what you want to see happen in your life. Generate feelings of joy and confidence as you see your visions manifest! 9) Practice making short & long term plans, using discipline and flexibility. In other words, make the timeRead More
Stay with the season! Though it is unseasonable warm, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Ideally we emerge gradually from winter into spring. So keep resting when you feel tired and save some energy for the long and hot days to come. The best tip for springtime is to wear a scarf. There are acupuncture points in the back of the head and neck where “wind” can easily get into the body. This causes soreRead More
The recent Chinese New Year indicates the beginning of spring. And the peak of spring is considered to be the equinox. With the increasing daylight you may feel an increased energy and excitement. And, these past few days have really given us a chance to experience winter, to stay still and quiet and get cozy, and keep singing your hope songs. I hope we are all taking advantage of this time! I’d like to share a simple recipeRead More
It’s raining, it’s sunny, it’s cold, it’s warm… It sure is hard to know how to dress these days! And so often, i hear people reacting to the weather as a strong force that affects their moods. I’ll admit that it is easy to fall prey to this habit/practice.  So here’s my challenge to myself and to you: let’s stay present in the moment. Let’s notice that we are creating our story about how weRead More
What are you thinking when you’re cooking? Is it healthy? When you cook, is your mind racing about the events of the day? Are you not sure what make? Will the kids eat this? Is it healthy? Are you judging your cooking abilities? No matter what, as a provider of food, you are in a powerful position! Every time we prepare a meal, we have a chance to influence our own way of being and theRead More
The Sustainability of Wellness Care Are you an eco-conscious person who strives to live in harmony with nature in a modern technology driven society? If so, you are probably into recycling, organic food, bicycles, LED light bulbs, clotheslines, and other practices that are your small yet hugely important contribution to the health of our planet. As an acupuncturist and lover of nature, I am always doing my best to walk my talk and live in harmonyRead More
We are a few days away from the winter solstice: the darkest time of year. Is anyone else feeling tired? I know I am… and I am taking the opportunity to relax whenever I can. In our American culture, we are programmed to stay busy much of the year especially around the holidays. We are told to shop for presents for our coworkers and loved ones, to cook meals for our get togethers and to travel so weRead More
By Rachel Kriger, M.Ac., Dipl.Ac. Licensed Pediatric & Family Acupuncturist When kids or grown ups come into my office, we talk about how making small additions or shifts to our lifestyle can have a HUGE impact on how we feel and really enhance our wellbeing every single day. As the air cools down and we prepare for the Winter here are my top 10 suggestions for staying healthy this coming season. Yours in Wellness, Rachel Kriger, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.   10)Read More
No need to purchase probiotics! Support your family’s gut health with good bacteria from yummy pickles! Heres an easy recipe that you can make with your age appropriate kiddos. RECIPE: EASY & YUMMY Probiotic Pickles What you will need: Spices – pick your favorites: garlic, ginger, dill, coriander, etc. Vegetable/s – pick your favorite veggie or combo: cucumbers, cabbage, carrots, etc. Salt (use only non-iodized salt like sea salt, pickling salt, or kosher salt) Pickling Crock (ceramicRead More
As we move deeper into the autumn, I encourage us all to stay present in these times of great change. Some folks tend think of autumn as a dreaded harbinger of winter. I know i used to have this mentality. My blessing for us all is that we are strengthened by staying present in each moment and with each breath. May we inhale the unique fragrance of the fallen leaves, and may our exhalations release a sense of gratitude toRead More
Written by Rachel Kriger, Pediatric & Adult Acupuncturist. Derived from the ancient wisdom of the Five Elements 10) It is autumn. There is balance in daylight & darkness, warm & cool temperatures, and leaves on the trees & on the ground. Let us learn from nature’s rhythm & balance as we undergo our personal transformations. May these tips help you stay present to receive autumn’s full glory. 9) Autumn is a time of inspiration. PayRead More
Happy Summertime! In the gregorian calendar, we think of the summer solstice as the beginning of summer. However, from an eastern medicine perspective summer has already begun & the solstice is the peak of summer. It is the time with the most light and the most warmth. My blessing for us all is that we feel the fullness of these longest days. May the light shine into our lives so that we can see all of the blessingsRead More
Top Ten Tips for Staying Well in the Summer By Rachel Kriger, Licensed Acupuncturist: Derived from the ancient wisdom of the Five Elements 10) Have Fun! Join with others to manifest spring’s plans, and make it joyous. 9) Play in your garden- this can be an actual garden and/or the metaphorical garden of anything you are cultivating. Invite a sense of playfulness to the work that you do to sustain your life as you watchRead More
Happy Spring Equinox! Springtime can be an exciting time of fresh new growth, budding leaves and flowers, waking up with chirping birds, increasing daylight, more time outdoors,  gardening, and new possibilities in your life. It can also be a challenging time physically and emotionally as we come out of our winter hibernations. My blessing to you this springtime is to be as gentle and compassionate with yourselves as you would be around a delicate new flower. Understand that anger is the emotionalRead More
Top Ten Tips for Staying Well in the Spring Written by Rachel Kriger. L.Ac.- Derived from the wisdom of the Five Elements 10) Declare it and it is so! Use your power stored up from winter to declare what you want to see happen in your life. Generate feelings of joy and confidence as you see your visions manifest! 9) Practice making short & long term plans. Use discipline and flexibility. 8) Exercise your eyesRead More