Spring on the Rise… Still Winter though

The recent Chinese New Year indicates the beginning of spring. And the peak of spring is considered to be the equinox. With the increasing daylight you may feel an increased energy and excitement. And, these past few days have really given us a chance to experience winter, to stay still and quiet and get cozy, and keep singing your hope songs. I hope we are all taking advantage of this time!

I’d like to share a simple recipe that my mom makes that I love and make myself. I just discovered that my 18 month old will eat these even though he doesn’t usually go for baked sweet potato. Sweet potato chips: to help us stay grounded and rooted in this winter unfolding into spring. Preheat oven to 350. Slice sweet potatoes or any root veggies. The thinner you make them, the more crunchy they will be. Though any thickness is delicious. Pour some oil (i’ve been enjoying grape seed oil) in the pan and lightly coat each side of each chip as you spread them on the pan. Sprinkle with some salt. Bake for about 15 minutes then turn each chip over and bake the other side to your satisfaction. In the background you see toasted cashews which i added into the oven for about 10 minutes stirring occasionally. Yum!!!

Please see below for my maternity leave announcement and a great practitioner to see while I’m home with my family. I hope you are enjoying your home time on these snowy days!

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  • Maternity Leave: In preparation for the next human in our family, I will be starting maternity leave at the end of February. Until then, I’m happy to see you in the treatment room- even if it’s been a while.
  • While I’m home with my expanded family, I encourage you to keep receiving acupuncture! So I’m referring my amazing patients (that’s you- yes, you’re amazing) to see Dawn Weisbord who has her practice in Narberth. Her phone number is 215-850-0921 and she will gladly treat you and your children in a similar style as I do.
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