What are you thinking when you’re cooking? Is it healthy?

When you cook, is your mind racing about the events of the day? Are you not sure what make? Will the kids eat this? Is it healthy? Are you judging your cooking abilities? No matter what, as a provider of food, you are in a powerful position! Every time we prepare a meal, we have a chance to influence our own way of being and the moods of those who will be consuming that meal. Weather you are cooking from scratch or if you are simply putting take out food on the table, let’s explore how we can create the best and healthiest meal experience possible.

The first step is to notice that we are choosing our thoughts in each moment. As humans, we are thinking beings. It’s a fact. However, we can listen to our well practiced “soundtracks”… or we can create new thoughts! My hope is that you will read this blog and become inspired to create new “soundtracks” in your mind that make you smile, dance, breathe and love just a little bit more into your food.

Let’s start with gratitude. If you’re not already preparing the meal while counting your blessings, start now. As you chop the onion or wipe the countertop, think of something you are grateful for and smile. Perhaps it’s a loved one that you feel blessed to have in your life. And perhaps it’s the thought that you have a sink with running water and hot stove upon which to cook right there in your kitchen… It used to be otherwise.

Next, it’s time to get creative. As you prepare the meal, imagine yourself and any others enjoying this meal. Imagine everyone at the table having a delightful sensory experience and feeling nourished as they savor each bite. Weather this actually happens is not important. The point is that you are creating that possibility and getting all jazzed about it in your moment!

And of course, if you have little ones at home who are curious about your cooking process, include them in the fun. You can share your gratitude out loud and stir the food in the bowl while laughing and shouting “yay!” And, if you’re having trouble knowing what to feed your children…

On my Facebook page, I often share recipes or photos of my meals so you can glean ideas for healthy vegetarian eating! You are more than welcome to like the page and share in my cooking fun!

Now you may be wondering “what does this have to do with acupuncture?” I’d love to tell you! Acupuncture helps to move qi/energy in our bodies. We each have the qi we are given at birth, and the qi we acquire each day from our lifestyle. A huge part of health of this ‘acquired qi’ has to do with what we eat and how we feel when we are cooking and eating it. Hence, you can follow the advice above to create awesome acquired qi and your acupuncture treatments will be even more effective and you feel great!

Wishing healthy cooking to all!