emotions = energy in motion

What is wellness? Is it feeling happy or joyful all of the time? or most of the time? This would be denying a natural and human part of ourselves… the full spectrum of our emotions.

E-motion stands for energy in motion. Five element acupuncture explains the emotions through their connection with the seasons and each emotion can be felt in dis-ease and in wellness. The emotion associated with winter is fear/wisdom. Fear can cause us to feel frozen and is therefore associated with the energetics of winter. When all of the potential exists and we do not know how things will turn out, it can be frightening and we can find it hard to take any action. When we dwell in fear too often, or when we try to make it go away, this can lead to a state of dis-ease.

When we acknowledge our fear and open to the gifts of wintertime, we can transform this emotion into a healthy state. Let’s take a wider perspective. If we are standing at the edge of a cliff, it is important to be fearful so we act wisely and stand our ground. Which of your fears, like this one, are actually serving a purpose to keep you safe? Perhaps now you can be grateful for having these fears.

Bigger fears like fear of accidents or death can be transformed by practicing peacefulness in the unknowing. As my teacher, Dianne Connelly, often said, “We do not know which will come first: our death or tomorrow. Each of us is just as mortal than the next. So how will you live this day?” When we truly acknowledge and accept this truth, we can find wisdom in the unknowing and allow life to be exactly as it is, and create our best reality for ourselves and those around us.