Contact the Acupuncturist

acupuncture for kidsThank you in advance for contacting Rachel Kriger at Points of Return Acupuncture: Philadelphia’s holistic care for the whole family!

To Get Started:
Phone: (215) 495-3229

Office Location & Visit Options:

  • The Cedars House200 Northwestern Ave (on Forbidden Drive), Philadelphia, PA 19128
    My office is located at the Cedars House Cafe in the Wissahickon Park on Forbidden drive. I love having my office in this wooded natural setting because nature is our ally in healing. Before or after your treatment, you can enhance your acupuncture treatment by spending some time in nature surrounded by trees and the flowing waters of the Wissahickon.
  • Acupuncture “Parties”
    Contact me to schedule a group acupuncture gathering. You invite the people and I will come do acupuncture for anyone who chooses along with a guided meditation appropriate for the season. You will receive 10% off the cost of the treatments.
  • Home Visits
    On a case by case basis, I am available to make home visits in the North West Philadelphia area.