Sun & Rain

It’s raining, it’s sunny, it’s cold, it’s warm… It sure is hard to know how to dress these days! And so often, i hear people reacting to the weather as a strong force that affects their moods. I’ll admit that it is easy to fall prey to this habit/practice.  So here’s my challenge to myself and to you: let’s stay present in the moment. Let’s notice that we are creating our story about how we feel and giving the weather all the credit for “making us this way”.


Let’s take power back in to our own being. Let’s design our mood before assessing external circumstance. For example, I could wake up each morning and choose to be grateful or loving or equanimitous. No matter what circumstances arise that day, I can practice returning to my set mood.


And, remember to give yourself a break. We’re human. We have emotions. Just like the sun shines and the rain falls, our moods can change rapidly. Let’s allow our sadness, our grief, our dissatisfaction, frustration, fear, upset… you name it. Let’s just not forget that the sun is always shining behind the clouds and we have the same power to shine everyday.

If it seems too hard to take on this practice, remember to do it for the sake of a loved one… especially our children. Let’s empower them to know how to choose their mood each day.

And, YES! Acupuncture can help balance moods and emotions for adults and children and I am here to support you in that process.

In Wellness,

Rachel Kriger, M.Ac, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.
Licensed Pediatric & Family Acupuncturist
Founder Points Of Return Acupuncture
(215) 495-3229