Greetings from Baby-land

Here I am a month into my maternity leave… amazed at the simultaneous fast and slowness of time…

Both kiddos are asleep now so I want to take some time to reach out to you and wish you wellness!

As the fullness of spring merges into summertime, I hope that some of your plans are coming to fruition, and that you are starting to find ways to have fun while manifesting your dreams and visions. And i hope you are finding time to go outside and be in nature.

My plan… aside from being a great mommy… is to write my birth story and to share it with you in the coming newsletters.

For those of you who spend time with young humans: here is a link to a short video clip for a pediatric massage to help kids with healthy digestion. You can do this 2-3 times a day for 30 seconds to a minute each. This video is done on my hands… of course it can be more tricky to do it on little squirmy fingers.

And, finally, here are some cute baby pictures, which give you a sense of how I’m spending most of my time lately.

(and if you read this far, you get to know that my daughter’s name is Ayla)

Of course they aren’t always this cute, but I’ll spare you the pictures of crying children and poopie diapers.

Blessings in wellness,

Rachel Kriger, M.Ac, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.
Licensed Pediatric & Family Acupuncturist
Founder Points Of Return Acupuncture
(215) 495-3229