Autumn tips from the Acupuncturist

Written by Rachel Kriger, Pediatric & Adult Acupuncturist. Derived from the ancient wisdom of the Five Elements

10) It is autumn. There is balance in daylight & darkness, warm & cool temperatures, and leaves on the trees & on the ground. Let us learn from nature’s rhythm & balance as we undergo our personal transformations. May these tips help you stay present to receive autumn’s full glory.

9) Autumn is a time of inspiration. Pay attention to your breathing as often as possible. You are alive! When you notice yourself thinking thoughts that do not serve, be aware of any tightness in your body, take a deep breath out, & let it go. Then breathe in. Let yourself be inspired. Repeat as necessary.

8) Notice: What mood are you choosing each morning? Do you know it is a choice? Practice creating a mood that you could maintain in response to any circumstances. For example, choose to be grateful all day long.

7) Take time to look up and notice the beauty of the changing leaves and opening sky. Transfer that sense of awe into your water as your sips flow through your whole body. We are so blessed to have fresh and clean water.

6) Go to bed early & wake up early. Start & end each day with a rhythmic routine of conscious breathing. “Inhaling, I inhale. Exhaling, I exhale.”

5) In Autumn, prepare foods with astringent, hearty flavors and strong aromas. Spend plenty of time and attention on cooking your meals. Eat root vegetables cooked on a low heat for a while to help you store energy. Eat sour foods and increase bitter & salty flavors gradually as fall turns to winter.

4) Practice dwelling in your body as a sensory being. How long can you sustain complete sensory awareness without thinking of your likes and dislikes? Simply be in your senses and declare life’s perfection.

3) Acknowledge someone in your life. First ask, “May I acknowledge you?” Then deliver your

gratitude and explain how this person impacts you. If you notice yourself feeling unappreciated, start creating what is missing by acknowledging everyone in your life. You may also ask for appreciation.

2) Practice receiving acknowledgement. If you tend to brush off the praises that others give you, take it in now. Say “you’re welcome” or “I’m glad you like it…” or, simply breathe it in and let it nourish you.

1) As in all times of the year, you may follow these tips to the degree that they are helpful for you as you pay attention to your unique body. In the autumn, you can focus on your lungs, which receive inspiration, and your bowels, which let the crap go. Thank your body for all it does to keep you alive.

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