Acupuncture for Mom & Dad

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The health of the parent is directly linked to the health of the child and vice versa. I always encourage parents and children to receive acupuncture to create the most optimal health for the whole family. When parents show their children their commitment to health and wellbeing, the children are comforted and want to follow that example. Along with my acupuncture treatments, I offer simple practices that you can do at home to maintain your health and overflow your centered calmness unto your children.

To get started, you can watch this video called Belly Breathing. Babies give us the best example of belly breathing. Breath in, the belly gets full, breathe out and it empties. Give it a go this weekend. Rest your hand on your belly and and make it rise and fall with your breath: in and up, out and down. In a healthy family we all learn positive examples from each other.

Belly breathing and Acupuncture are two great things to help keep the whole family happy and healthy.