Give yourself permission to have no goals

We are a few days away from the winter solstice: the darkest time of year. Is anyone else feeling tired? I know I am… and I am taking the opportunity to relax whenever I can.

In our American culture, we are programmed to stay busy much of the year especially around the holidays. We are told to shop for presents for our coworkers and loved ones, to cook meals for our get togethers and to travel so we can be together.

Whatever plans you have set in place, be sure to give yourself some time to do nothing. Weather it’s 5 minutes, three hours, or one breath, take the time to chill out.

As an acupuncturist i’m always reminding my patients to live in harmony with the seasons. This allows us to stay well throughout the year. During the winter especially, it is important to give yourself permission to have no goals from time to timeAllow yourself to let go of the “should”s and “have to”s and metaphorically sink to the bottom. From this place we have the most leverage to push off and spring up when springtime arrives. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though.

Simply relax and let go and conserve your resources.  Give your body, mind, and wallet a break.

And when you do go to your holiday parties and meals, I hope you can feel them as a small fire where you can cozy up and warm your hands and heart. And, if that’s not possible, the give yourself permission to go home early and get cozy and do nothing.

Wishing you and your family many blessings,

Rachel Kriger, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.